About Us

INodeVision™ is a software development product-based company located in Bangalore. We offer Products and solutions for process automation, Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data Analysis and beyond. Having decade years of experience in industrial automation domain, we provide platform for connecting various PLCs, sensors, Devices, SCADA system and make data available for Industrie 4.0/IOT platforms wherever and whenever you need it in a secure manner.

Our goal is to help our customers to maximize plant safety, increase asset availability, and efficiently drive their decision-making process.


INodeVision™ offers wide variety of OPC and IIoT solutions that shall solve most of the end-user’s site problem related to connectivity and the data exchange.




INodeVision™ provide connectivity solution from shop floor to top floor. We provide OPC classic servers and OPC UA servers with support of multiple Protocols industrial standard drivers. We also provide platform/connectivity for IIOT based applications without compromising the security.


INodeVision™ offers around industrial application development, consultation service, support service, seminars, workshops and Training.



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